The top vape advocates of 2017

This year has been a turbulent time for the e-cigarette market, both for those invested in vaping businesses, vapers themselves and for organizations and officials who are in favor of the vaping movement. Fortunately, e-cigarettes have some strong supporters across the board who are passionate about championing the cause and making sure vaping gets a fair deal. We’ve put together a list of some of the top vape advocates who have made their presence known over the past 12 months.

Leonardo DiCaprio

When one of Hollywood’s biggest names was seen using his device at the Screen Actors Guild Awards early this year, he could hardly have made a less subtle statement on his stance on vaping. As one of the world’s most celebrated actors, DiCaprio undoubtedly has influence. His activism within environmental issues have marked him out as a man who knows a thing or two about the world, and the SAD Awards weren’t the first time he’s gone public with his e-cigarette; he has also been spotted vaping at the US Open and at the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live.

Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association

CASSA have been fighting in the vape corner throughout the public and controversial e-cigarette debate. They are a non-profit organisation who work on a volunteer basis, and their key interest is educating the public on what they call “reduced harm alternatives”. They promote scientific research and studies that support the use of e-cigarettes a less harmful alternative to traditional tobacco products, including the “Nicotine Without Smoke: Tobacco Harm Reduction” report from the Royal College of Physicians.

CASSA have also been strongly opposed to the FDA, saying “These regulations will eliminate choice and diversity in the marketplace, the very things that have made vapor products such an incredibly successful low-risk alternative to smoking.”

Clive Bates

Author of The Counterfactual blog, Clive Bates was previously employed by Action on Smoking and Health, and is now one of the most referred to and influential voices in the pro-vape campaign both here and in the UK. In his blog, Bates frequently dissects and questions some of the most commonly referred to anti-vape research and legislation, and encourages others to look beyond what they are reading and to think about why they are reading it.

Recently, Bates panned the US Surgeon General’s first ever report on e-cigarettes, declaring it “truly terrible”, describing the report as “a heady mix of emotive propaganda and a completely warped and one-sided account of the science.”

American Vaping Association

Another non-profit vape advocacy group, their President Gregory Conley attends events around the country and beyond to speak about e-cigarettes. They have recently commented on the number of teens using e-cigarettes, which has showed a decrease in numbers alongside tobacco use, which showed that headlines around the subject has dramatized the effect vaping was having on younger generations.

The AVA responded to the claims that teens were being encouraged to vape by the US Surgeon General by saying “This is just another politically motivated attack on an industry that is helping people quit smoking,”

Americans for Tax Reform

This group focussed on the effects the FDA will have on free enterprise within America, which is likely to squeeze small independent brands out of business. There are around 15,000 outlets in America at the moment, and this year, the ATR were one of the groups leading the “Right to Vape” campaign. The campaign saw a bus tour several states from Nevada and Wyoming to Indiana and Washington, seeking to educate public health officials and regional lawmakers on electronic alternatives, and the effects the FDA could have on the sector’s economy.

It’s important the vaping community have passionate and informed representatives to give them a voice, whether that be through campaigning of celebrity endorsement.

We’d love to hear about any pro-vape advocates you’ve come across or heard from in the news, so if you know of a name you think we should be watching, let us know in the comments or on social media.



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