The buds of pure indica Purple Kush are not only attractive to look at, they also have a very pleasant taste. Marijuana enthusiasts can enjoy its positive effects for reasons like body relaxation, euphoria, and creativeness.

It also helps in improving the appetite, and is especially helpful to those who are unable to eat food due to medical issues. Purple Kush is also known for helping people in coping up with health conditions like anxiety, insomnia, nausea, depression, and arthritis pain.

Purple Kush – origin, history & genetics

Purple Kush was initially bred in Oaksterdam, which is the area near Oakland, California. The place is quite popular for growing medical marijuana. It is a cross-breed of two Indica landraces of south-central Asia – Purple tinged Afghani variety, and the Hindu Kush from mountainous borders of Pakistan & Afghanistan.

Purple Kush has 100% Indica genetics and THC composition is between 17% – 27%. In 2016, High Times Magazine had included Purple Kush in the article published as, ‘Top 10 Kush Strains’. This hybrid strain offers a very calming effect to the users.

Appearance and other characteristics

Purple Kush strain grows heavy and dense bud structure. When cured, the flowers look like popcorn. Leaves can be a blend of green and purple, depending on their phenotype. Purple color propensity is caused due to selective breeding from the parent strain, Purple Afghani.

When the anthocyanins or the leaf pigments (Similar to chlorophyll in green plants) get activated in winter, the strain tends to get more purple color. The process is just like the Chlorophyll breakdown, which causes the spur of yellow and red pigments. That is why the leaves change colors during the autumn seasons.


Just like its parent Afghani, it creates high volumes of stick resins. Therefore, Purple Kush is a useful pot for deriving concentrates. Flowers are curled tightly and are fully covered with trichomes, which give the dewy white sheen over purple and green leaves. Pistils are orange in color, which make the already colored flowers look even more attractive.


Besides being stunningly beautiful to look at, the Purple Kushes are preferred for their awesome taste. The first drags will give the impression and odor just like the Afghan strain – Which is earthy, or more or less like sandalwood musk. When you feel the taste more closely, you will start enjoying the sweet and fruity grape notes.

When the flowers go under combustion, simultaneous fruity and woody hits will sting the sinuses, and invite heavy coughing. While exhaling, Purple Kush smoke has sugary grape like taste, which will remind you of sweet dessert wine.


Some hybrids start with giving you the mind-rush dulling, and then slowly melt into calmness, but Purple Kush drives you directly into the senses of physical relaxation. The users love the numbing effects while listening to music. Instead of encouraging agitated feelings and sharp focus, this strain brings about the dull contentedness state.

Purple Kush can get you totally stoned, which is why it is considered to be ideal for nighttime knockout. It can offer potent sedative effects, which can help the users in coping up with conditions like depression and anxiety symptoms. Surprisingly, it also relieves the pains related to nerves or workout sessions. Insomnia can also be treated with bigger doses of Purple Kush. Duration of high that you get from this strain is about an average 2 – 3 hours.

Facts about breeding Purple Kush

  • It grows low [3 feet height] and is bushy

  • Can be grown indoors and outdoors

  • More success, when cultivated indoors, because growing conditions can be controlled

  • For its extra purple hues, growers can shock the plant to activate anthocyanins [exposure to cold temperatures]

  • Exposing to cool temperature is the step that has to be done shortly prior to harvesting, as it helps in avoiding the reduction in overall yield

  • Harvest can be done within 8 weeks for indoor projects, and between mid to late Septembers for outdoor cultivation

  • Expected yield is 37 gram/sq. foot

Curing buds

Curing of Purple Kush buds need to be conducted properly, to preserve the taste and color. Hang the buds for a week in the space with consistent temperature 70°F and 50% humidity. Seal the dried buds in jars, and store them in a cool place.

Purple Kush is excellent reliever of several medical conditions. Recreational users find it potent and delicious. It is popular and a valued strain.

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