Most Popular Cannabis Strains: Europe vs America

There are so many strains of marijuana out there, that it can sometimes be hard to narrow down your options and choose which one is best for you. Over the years, there have been a few strains that have become extremely popular in the European and United States markets. This is normally a good indication of which seeds you should be buying! For more information on the most popular cannabis strains in Europe and the United States, be sure to carry on reading.

White Widow

The White Widow is one of the most popular strains of cannabis that you will find in Europe and in the US this is the sixth most popular. This should definitely be a consideration for you if you are thinking of growing your own cannabis seeds as growers love this strain for the high yields that it produces. It also has a fantastic potency. This is one of the most economical choices for growers and with 60% sativa, this sweet and crisp strain will relax the user. Sites such as Discount Cannabis Seeds allows you to buy cannabis seeds in the UK for the chance to experience this popular strain for yourself and it is definitely one of Europe’s most popular strains for good reason!

Northern Lights

This is another very popular strain amongst Europeans, however, you will not find this strain much in the United States. This is a little ironic as this cannabis was actually developed in California! The Netherlands then imported it and from there it has enjoyed a lot of success throughout the continent. This strain also has fantastic yields and potency to make it extremely affordable and it is 80% Indica. It provides a sweet and spice flavour, but also has a relaxing effect.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is the most popular cannabis strain in the United States, but it has not yet found as much popularity in Europe. This strain is a blend of both sativa and indica, but it is mainly the former with 80%. With this strain, you can enjoy deep relaxation but with a clear focus and many people love it for its fruity taste. When smoked in the traditional way, it can be a little harsh, but you can always use a vaporizer instead.

Sour Diesel

In the United States, Sour Diesel is one of the most popular strains of marijuana and you will not find it much in Europe. This strain is very relaxing as it is pure sativa and when you come out of your deep relaxation, you should feel that your head is clearer and that you are more refreshed! It should basically feel as though you have had a terrific night’s sleep. While it is less sweet than other strains, it definitely is not sour like its name suggest. The diesel part of its name is, however, quite accurate and it does have quite a potent smell that turns off many. It really all comes down to personal preference!

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