How Much Energy Does An LED Cannabis Grow Light Save?

You may have been hearing about the newest technology being introduced in the industry of cannabis cultivation. LED grow lights are pushing out HPS lights out and for good reason too. They save incredible amounts of energy, especially when you compare them to the old way of doing things with HPS bulbs. Energy costs for lighting are typically the number one expense that growers face.

You need to run energy all day, every day.


For proper lighting to your plants, general occupancy power for your staff and of course AC to cool down your room from the radiated heat coming from the HPS light bulbs.

It adds up over time and it’s a bill that many are too scared to even take on in the first place. It cuts profits down greatly and has potential for leaving behind a pretty sizable carbon footprint. That is why so many indoor growers are starting to make the switch over to LED lights and reduce their carbon footprint.

But how much energy does a LED Marijuana grow light actually save you?

Cultivation is divided into two separate categories of the vegetative stage of growing and the flowering state. The vegetative stage of growing requires a industry standard of 18 hours of light exposure every day. While when you reach the flowering stage of your growth they require 12 hours of light exposure each day.

Well ironically, as much money as a grower will save on LED lighting in the long run, the initial pricing for these high-end products are fairly substantial. This barrier to entry has turned away a lot of potential clients wanting to make the switch.

HPS bulbs are cheaper but the cost of them will match and then double that of LED over a period of time. It’s a slower burn.

Frequent watering is needed with HPS lighting also because, with all that heat, your plants are going to drink up as much water and moisture as they can. Whereas with LED lights you’re not getting all of that radiant heat and you do not need to invest in several A/C units just to make sure your plants don’t dry up and die.

If you are looking to see higher profits without reducing your production or product quality than you need to start looking into investing in LED lighting. The energy you save and the production rate you will create with this premium level light exposure for your plants is worth the reward. Will return your investment quicker than you ever dreamed of.

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