Best Vape Pen For Weed Reviews 2017

It might seem strange to start a study on the best vape pen for weed by warning you that this device might not be what you’re looking for.

vape pens for weed


That’s the case. It’s true.

Everyone has different needs when considering vaporizers so, before anything else, you need to think about how you will use your vaporizer.

Once you have established what form you prefer smoking in, you can better analyze the pros and cons of different models with respect to your requirements.

What Are Your Medical Marijuana Needs?

Best Vape Pen medical marijuana

It’s worthwhile kicking off your search for the best vape pen for weed by examining how you will use your device.

Many smokers want to shift away from the conventional combustion method with tobacco and rolling papers. Vape pens have filled the gap between joint and bong nicely.

Think about the types of vaporizer available in stealthy pen format.

  • Oil Vaporizer Pen
  • Wax Concentrates Pen
  • Dry Herb Vape Pen

As e-cigs became more and more popular, users of medical marijuana wanted in on the act. If you prefer to use oil or wax you can use more or less any e-cig at a push. Opt instead, though, for the special version which is specially designed to vaporize at the ideal temperature and maximize the amount of THC extracted.

Wax is a highly concentrated form of hash with quite staggering THC levels which can reach up from 60-90%. Although this approach to consuming medical marijuana has snowballed in popularity, the traditional method of delivery is messy and laborious. A dedicated wax concentrates pen vape removes that awkward element completely. Pens are superb for this form of marijuana.

If you consume marijuana in its dry herb state, pen vapes are available but they are by no means all fit for purpose. Your best option is to choose a portable vaporizer or a desktop vape but some of the pen style units do manage to deal with standard bud. Make sure you do your research. We will hone in on some units which work well with dry herb today and a forthcoming article will review the best portable vaporizers.


For most medical marijuana users, it’s dry bud that wins out. It is far more readily available and offers perhaps the most traditional experience. Think hard about what you most use and this will help you to choose the best vaporizer for your requirements.

We will look now at some vape pen reviews.

Many sites go over the top when reviewing these products and you end up with 10-15 different options. This can leave you even more confused than before you started your research! To this end, we will look at the following 3 vape pens:

  • Trippy Stix Galaxy: Best for oils
  • V2 PRO Series 3: Best all-rounder vape pen
  • VaporFi Orbit: Best for dry herbs

We will continue to examine more vaporizers over the coming weeks. Today, though, you can learn about these 3 superb choices and choose the best one to fit your needs.

Best Vaporizer Pen Reviews 2017

1) Trippy Stix Galaxy Vaporizer

trippy stix pen vape for weedTrippy Stix have introduced a rebooted version of their bestselling vape pen in the guise of the Galaxy Titanium.

Gunmetal on the casing also extends to the improved 2.0 V2 chamber. This dinky vaporizer is aesthetically pleasing as well as highly effective.

A revamped airflow system allows you to pull more deeply while titanium added to the chamber and bowl has enhanced the overall efficiency. The tip has been finished in gunmetal for maximum sanitation.

The Galaxy heats up in just 5 seconds while shutting off automatically after 10 seconds for a truly user-friendly experience. You’ll enjoy two free mouthpieces thrown in when you buy this compact and lightweight vaporizer.

The Lithium-Ion battery will afford hours of use and the Galaxy charges via USB for your complete convenience. There is a handy mechanism which locks the battery and prevents the pen from being switched on accidentally in your pocket or bag.

There is no cartridge and the heating element is wickless.

This vape looks very much like a fountain pen so you can carry it around without drawing undue attention to yourself.

Overall, if you are looking to heat liquid concentrates with a great payload, the Trippy Stix Vaporizer Galaxy is an affordable and versatile vaporizer well worth a place on your shortlist.

2) V2 PRO Series 3

v2 pen vape for weed

This model comes from one of the leading brands in the vaping game. This company has a devoted following and sales figures to match.

A 3-in-1 vape, you’ll be able to enjoy loose leaf, oil or wax with splendid results. The V2 PRO Series 3 is a very flexible option. This type of pen vape is becoming more popular as manufacturers tap into the reality that many medical marijuana users want to use dry material in their vaporizer without compromising on size.

With the PRO 3, you get the capacity and the battery life of a much more substantial device in a compact, stealthy package.

The strapline for this vape is that it’s “designed for liquids but copes well with wax or herb”. This is honest advertising at its best…

With oil, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free vaping session with billows of vapor and no associated problems with either wicking or dry draws. This is not always the reality with other pen vapes. Oil is actually thicker than the standard e-liquid so tends to gum up the works with some other models.

The magnetic cartridge will not leak and can be filled 20 times representing great value. It’s recommended that you keep the cartridge topped up frequently. This maintains moisture in the wick. It will also enhance the taste and vapor production. Do not stint on buying new cartridges. If you fail to do this you may damage your vaporizer as well as spoiling the effects.

The added kicker is that it the PRO 3 delivers on its claim to adequately vaporize dry matter. It will not acquit itself as well as a high-end desktop vaporizer but certainly offers an authentic session.

If you predominantly use oil concentrate then the V2 PRO Series 3 is an outstanding choice. You can also have the flexibility of using other forms of medical marijuana with impressive results.

3) VaporFi Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer

vaporfi orbit vape pen for weed

If you are looking for the best vape pen for weed, another smart option for you to consider is the VaporFi Orbit.

As the name indicates, VaporFi’s slick and stubby black pen vape is designed expressly to vaporize herb in its standard dried form. Don’t use it with liquid as it works best with marijuana in its natural form.

dry herb vaporizer

This manufacturer offer a massive range of vaporizers so we are focusing here on one of their most popular and best-selling products. Their Rocket e-cig took smokers by storm and the Orbit is doing the same for fans of medical marijuana who dislike oil and wax.

This beautifully designed piece of kit is a pleasure to use and gives winning results.

The mouthpiece is plastic rather than glass but you do not get any nasty aftertaste from this. One drawback is that it can become slightly hot after extended use. This small niggle can be circumvented. VaporFi sell some wonderful mouthpiece extenders so that heavy users can cool things down.

extender vaporfi vape pen

The well-ventilated heating chamber is made of stainless steel. This leads to great airflow and makes sure that your herb is surrounded with intense heat to really get the vapors going.

The chamber is sizable and you can pack up to one gram of weed inside which is ideal for longer or more intense vape sessions.

Three temperature settings are handily color-coded. You can generate heat between 360 and 420 degrees. Smokers will chuckle at the significance of 420. Switching between settings is as simple as holding down the power button for 5 seconds. For optimum effect, roll with 420 degrees.

Put simply, the Orbit is among the best vape pens for its price range on the market today. If you are budget-conscious, enjoy hotter blasts of vapor and prefer dried marijuana then check it out today and think seriously about investing in one.

Buy one today and enjoy a substantial discount. You can check out the reviews which are almost unanimously positive. Reading honest feedback from users is a great way to firm up your decision.


By now you should be clear on how you want to use your vaporizer and from looking at our previous article you should have a good overview on how vaporizing works as well as the full range of devices at your disposal.

If you are a keen user of medical marijuana and you want to know the best vape pen then check out the three awesome products outlined here. Take your time, do plenty of reading and testing and then you can buy with confidence and enjoy all of the benefits of medical marijuana without the manifold downsides and health risks that come with smoking.

Say goodbye to expensive rolling papers, harmful tobacco and general mess. Say hello to clouds of vapor and the soothing effects of marijuana as it was meant to be consumed.

Please let us know what you think of our best vape pen reviews 2017.


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