Best Portable Vaporizers For Weed Reviews 2016

The advent of portable vaporizers has been a real boost for those with fluid lifestyles.

For years, desktops were the only option for non-smokers. If you wanted to sidestep many of the harmful effects of smoking while still enjoying your medical marijuana, an old-school Volcano was highly effective but certainly not portable.

Vaporizer pens are the ultimate in stealth and size but a new breed of handheld vaporizers are bridging the gap for those who want power in their pocket.

With portable vapes, you can pack in more product and also enjoy a decent battery life but with much more freedom than desktops offer.

portable vapes

Like with many aspects of the marijuana culture, there is no free-size solution. You swear by Kush but your friend can’t get enough White Widow. Some people prefer flavored rolling papers while others simply don’t want to smoke tobacco and inhale it.

We are not here to tell you that product x is better because it’s most expensive.

There are many factors to consider with any purchase. Budget is always a consideration. First, though, you should be honest about your need.

  • Why do you want a vaporizer?
  • Do you use dry herb, oil or wax?
  • How much will you use your weed vaporizer?
  • Is money a prevailing issue?

If you are only a casual dabbler, it might be unnecessary to look at the most expensive option. For heavy daily users, though, buying the cheapest model could prove costly if you burn it out.

Although there has been a definite trend for oils and wax, most users of medical marijuana prefer dry herb and this is where a portable vaporizer comes into its own.


With a portable vaporizer, the herb is not burned at all. Instead, heated air or a heated element boil away the essential oils producing a vapor with fully maximized active ingredients.

Using one of these nifty devices has many benefits

  • Portability: Small enough to pop into your pocket or bag, these vaporizers are ultra-portable. Desktop vapes are great but deficient for those with a mobile lifestyle
  • General Health Issues: The lack of combustion and subsequent smoke mean vaporizing is a far healthier alternative to smoking
  • Discretion: If you like to get high when you are out and about, portable vaporizers are far more subtle than blazing up a joint. There are no menacing, lingering odors and you can press your vaporizer into action on the sly more or less anywhere
  • It Tastes Better With A Vaporizer: By consuming your herb in its purest form without the contaminants of tobacco or chemicals, vaporizers are not only a vastly more efficient delivery system but the taste is much better into the bargain
  • Superior Delivery System: The gasses combusted through smoke in the conventional smoking method contain 88 non-cannabinoids. Contrast that with vaporized gasses which are packed with 95% cannabinoids. The remaining 5% is accounted for by traces of fragrant oils. There’s no doubt about it, vaporizers give you more bang for your buck


Now you have a good idea about why you should consider using a vaporizer instead of smoking, it’s time to read up on a few different choices at your disposal.

Best Portable Vaporizer Reviews 2016

We’ll look here at 5 of the very best portable vaporizers for weed…

  1. Crafty Vape
  2. The Vox Collection
  3. Firefly 2 Vaporizer
  4. Puffit X Vaporizer
  5. Palm Vaporizer 2.0

They range in price from the costly but revolutionary Crafty Vape through to some examples perfect for those on a restricted budget or with lesser demands.

Think about which one best suits your own requirements. Each portable vaporizer on this list is a worthwhile consideration so be honest and go with the best fit for your medical marijuana needs.

1) Crafty Vape

crafty vape best vaporizer for weed

Storz and Bickel make the famous Volcano so they are true heavyweights in the vaporizing field.

This company has derived a solid income from vaporizers since 2000. With the general shift toward more compact units, they knew they needed to penetrate this market.

This vaporizer is slightly too large to comfortably fit in your pocket but still very simple to transport, store or hold.

The Crafty Vape offers all you would expect and it should be on any list of the best weed vaporizers. Back in July of 2015, High Times trawled through over 100 vaporizers and the Crafty Vape came out on top.

Vapor quality is where some of the cheaper or truly tiny vapes can fall down. This can be particularly noticeable if you are accustomed to using something like a Volcano at home. The Crafty Vape does not disappoint and will afford you a top-tier experience on the move. You can draw in a dense, pure vapor with a wonderful aroma wherever you happen to be.

The chamber is large enough to accommodate around 0.3g of weed which should see you through 3 decent sessions.

When you hit the button, the Crafty Vape takes 90 seconds to heat up. This is a little longer to wait than with some portable vapes but it’s well worthwhile when you take a hit. A single press of the button and the unit will heat up to the default 180°C. A double-click boosts this another 15 degrees.

Power comes from an inbuilt Lithium-Ion battery. The unit can be charged using a standard micro-USB. It takes around 2 hours to deliver a full charge from a drained state. The only bad news among this wealth of convenience is that you’ll get just 45 minutes of use from your vaporizer before you need to recharge.

At Storz and Bickel, a pioneering approach to technology has seen Bluetooth connectivity introduced on the Craft Vape. If you download the free app, you can adjust the temperature and other settings by remote control. This is compatible with iPhone (4s and above) and Android.

If you are a committed vaporizer prepared to pay for precision and quality, the Crafty Vape takes some beating.


  • Built to last with sleek design
  • Wireless Bluetooth app with multifunctionality
  • Full convection hot air for outstanding vapor
  • Highly accurate temperature control for precision vaporizing
  • One-touch start for utmost ease of use
  • Stay safe with automatic switch-off
  • Loading tool for added ease
  • Single Lithium Ion battery: no messy cords


  • Expensive
  • Very slightly too big for the pocket
  • Only 45 minutes use before it needs charging

2) VaporFi VOX 80



This futuristic offering from VaporFi is a well-respected vape mod. Mods generally make use of a more powerful battery for a superior vaping experience.

VaporFi has a full collection in the VOX line but we will focus here on the VOX80.

The 4000mAh battery is built in and delivers up to 80 watts of power. This is extremely impressive for a unit of these dimensions. At just 50 x 22 x 82mm, you can carry this sleek vaporizer with you fuss-free. The powerful battery should afford you several hours of use. Charging is carried out with a regular micro-USB.

The chassis of the VOX80 is brushed zinc alloy. You can opt for the stealthy black version or stainless steel finish.

The large OLED screen displays the time along with temperature. This is crisp and easy to read. Just hit the FIRE button three times then scroll through your heating options for a superb shot of vapor.

For convenience, performance and durability with a highly competitive price tag, VaporFi’s Vox80 is worth a place on any shortlist.

If you do run into any problems, customer service is fantastic at VaporFi so you can buy with confidence.

As a budget vaporizer, there is not much in the negative column with the V80 so if you are an occasional user or looking to get started with a solid, inexpensive vaporizer, give VaporFi a close look.


  • Slick design which looks subtle for stealth use
  • Highly affordable
  • Great battery offering outstanding power for a unit this size
  • Easy to use so great for beginners
  • Customer service is outstanding
  • Great battery life allowing prolonged use without charging


  • Not ideal for more advanced or heavy users

3) Firefly 2 Vaporizer

firefly 2

If you are on the trail of an extraordinarily portable model to use on the go, the rebooted Firefly 2  is a strong contender for the best vaporizer.

Much smaller and lighter than the original, the Firefly 2 is one of the most portable options on the market right now.

The elegant design has the appearance of a cellphone crossed with an oversized USB stick. This is just how the Firefly charges (via USB 3.0). It’s a swift charger as well delivering full juice within the hour. Pre-heating will give you around 20 hits while skipping this stage leads to 40 draws.

Unlike with some vaporizers, the Lithium-Ion batteries are changeable. You do not need to worry about what happens when the battery dies for good as you simply slip in a replacement.

The Firefly 2 is a convection style vaporizer. It harnesses heated air to produce vapors and will heat up in 3-5 seconds. If you want to enjoy a lengthy session, this speed of delivery could be just what you’ve been looking for.

When you are loading your herbs, remember that less is more. Overpacking can lead to reduced performance. Since it heats up so quickly, this is not an issue so go gently.

As well as dry herb, the convection technology means that this model also copes very well with oils and concentrates. If you use marijuana in different forms, this is worth bearing in mind.

The Firefly 2 comes with a limited 5-year warranty. This is generally a sign that a manufacturer has a great deal of confidence in their product. You can share this confidence when purchasing the Firefly 2 knowing that you are covered for all major issues.

Although it’s not the cheapest portable vaporizer on the market, for heavy marijuana users who appreciate design and demand high performance, consider this vape a sound investment. Take advantage of the free app for iOS or Android and maximize your vaping experience with the Firefly 2.


  • Few moving parts so very simple to clean
  • Outstanding build quality for years of use
  • Rapid charging for your convenience
  • Sleek, subtle design
  • Heats up in 3-5 seconds so great for long sessions
  • Changeable batteries means no restriction like with inbuilt batteries
  • Buy with confidence: 5-year limited warranty
  • Cleaning kit supplied so no more mess
  • Highly versatile: great for dry herb and concentrates
  • Firefly2 app is available for smart phones


  • Some material gets stuck under grooves of lid but cleaning tool helps combat this
  • Quite heavy for its size

4) Puffit X Vaporizer

puffit x vaporizer

The last thing you want with a portable vaporizer is something that screams “Marijuana User“. Sidestep this stigma with a Puffit X Vaporizer, a true stealth alternative which resembles the classic asthma inhaler. The best place to hide is in the wide-open so, if discretion is high on your list, this awesome piece of kit takes some beating.

The Puffit X is another very reasonably priced vape for those not wanting to break the bank.

Discreet Vape, the aptly-named manufacturer, has rolled out here the world’s first forced air pocket vaporizer. This means that a tiny fan works alongside your lung power to allow vapor to flow very freely from the mouthpiece. While the vapor is not abundant, this is actually a plus point for those looking for a vaporizer they can use on the sly.

This unit is made from plastic on the outside inkeeping with its mimicry of an asthma inhaler. Inside, the components are rugged stainless steel so do not let build quality be a concern.

There are 8 different temperature settings so you will be spoiled for choice. It’s recommended that you concentrate on the upper levels for best results.

The battery will permit up to an hour of use which is roughly average for a portable vaporizer.

Every vaporizer comes with its own positives and, usually, certain drawbacks. If you are a committed marijuana fiend then the caliber of vapor kicked out might not meet your exacting standards. If, though, you place a premium on a cost-effective, discreet vaporizer then the Puffit X could be the answer to your prayers.


  • Looks like an asthma inhaler for total discretion and stealth
  • Extremely affordable
  • Forced air uses fan to save your lungs from overworking themselves
  • Smooth draw
  • Slip in your pocket for ultimate portability


  • Fan noise can be annoying at times
  • Top of unit can get too hot
  • Fairly light vapor quality
  • Can sit awkwardly in pocket due to its shape

5) Palm Vaporizer 2.0

palm 2.0 weed vaporizer

We’ll round out today with a look at another keenly-priced portable vaporizer, the Palm 2.0 from the American outfit Vapor Blunt.

This tiny convection vaporizer is tailor-made for those who like dry herb and, at this price point, it’s within everyone’s reach.

With a flavored plastic mouthpiece, you can enjoy a tinge of strawberry or grape with your favorite marijuana. This is a nice touch.

The Palm 2.0 heats up in seconds flat so if you are ready for a prolonged stint on your vaporizer there is no tiresome waiting process. You will, though, only get around half an hour on a single charge so think about how this gels with your habits.

The Palm is not the easiest vaporizer to get to grips with. You’ll need to practice in order to get your timing spot-on.  Your draw speed will also play a part in just how well this vaporizer functions so decide for yourself whether you are experienced enough to circumvent these difficulties. For the novice, this is not the smartest option.

Unusual for a cheaper product, this portable vaporizer comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you are in the market for a tiny portable unit with the added bonus of a shot of flavor, the Palm 2.0 is worth looking into.


  • Intriguing design for those who appreciate aesthetics
  • Tiny for easy transportation
  • Very cheap
  • Heats up very quickly allowing quickfire use
  • Lifetime warranty for complete confidence
  • Flavored mouthpiece gives tasty edge


  • Not sealed against odors
  • Clear mouthpiece makes it less discreet
  • Can be awkward for beginners
  • 30-minute battery life


There’s no standalone suggestion for the best portable vaporizer because everyone is looking for different elements.

Pay close attention to the pros and cons outined above, think about how much you can comfortably spend and test plenty of models in the store.

Buying online will generally give you the best prices so check out some vaporizers in the shop and then enjoy the convenience of ordering one online. Sit back and wait for your new best friend to arrive in the mail…

If you have any questions about vaporizers then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can and always welcome feedback.

Happy vaping!

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