Best Medical Marijuana Seeds: Part 2

In our most recent review of seeds, we looked at the best medical marijuana strains.

Last time we focused on sativas.

Today we will move on to examine 5 indica varieties worthy of a place in any garden.

What Is Medical Marijuana Good For?

Marijuana is known to be beneficial for the treatment of a range of conditions.

We have derived various medical benefits from this plant for over 3000 years now.

66 cannabinoids have been discovered in marijuana. These active compounds interact primarily with two receptors in the body, the CB1 and CB2 receptors. THC is known to be the most powerful of these cannabinoids.

From general pain and nausea through to specific complaints like glaucoma or arthritis, marijuana can offer relief in a number of ways.

Medical marijuana is also used to assist people with depression, anxiety, stress or insomnia.

Whatever your medical marijuana needs, we have a review here of 5 more of the best seeds currently available.

Read on and see which best matches what you are looking for in your weed.

1) Crown Royale

crown royale medical marijuana

Crown Royale is a delectable blend of Purple Kush and Blueberry. These prime genetics have propelled this strain onto many top 10 lists and with just cause.

Predominantly indica, Crown Royale has a high count of both THC and CBD. It delivers a thundering body high. Effects are also cerebral so this weed is ideal for those suffering from anxiety, headaches or depression. It will help you to relax but will not lay you to waste on the couch.

The crisp, citrus taste of this bud is undercut by pine. With medical marijuana, flavor is key and Crown Royale gets it just right.

It’s a prolific plant which is easy to maintain. The kolas are heavy, the flowers nice and fat.

The feminized seeds are best grown indoors under LED lights. This strain flowers fast and has a reasonable yield. Quality trumps quantity.

Give Crown Royale a try next time you want to grow something new.

THC Level: 22% CBD Level: 2%
Indica/Sativa: 70% Indicia, 30% Sativa
Grow difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Yield: 350g/m²
Flowering time: 9 weeks
Effect: Strong Indica with body high and cerebral effects

2) CB Dreamcb dream

It’s always tough when growing…

Do you choose the classic strains of weed that you know will deliver?

Or do you give something new a try?

If you fancy keeping things fresh, the brand new CB Dream is well worth investigating.

In general, users of medical marijuana want relatively low THC combined with a high CBD count. With CB Dream, these levels are balanced out perfectly at 6% apiece.

The plants flower briskly and the crop is ready to harvest within two months. Yield is fairly strong at approaching half a kilo per meter squared.

For many new growers of medical marijuana, the questions they ask themselves are pretty similar.

  • Is this strain easy to grow?
  • How versatile is the plant? Can I grow it outdoors and indoors with LED lights?
  • Does it have a high yield? Is it economical?
  • What are the THC levels? Is this weed good for everyday use?

With CB Dream, all the boxed are ticked. You’ll enjoy a pleasant high with no disruption to your thought processes. Users of medical marijuana generally want to remain functional not incapacitated on the couch barely able to stumble to the kitchen.

The bushy plants respond well to growing indoors. Its tendency to high yields means it also flourishes outside. CB Dream is eminently flexible.

With a blueberry and pine taste, CB Dream is a weed that merits its place in any medical marijuana garden.

THC Level: 6% CBD Level: 6%
Indica/Sativa: 80% Indica, 20% Sativa
Grow difficulty: Very Easy
Yield: 400g/m²
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Effect: Extremely calming and relaxing

3) Hash Plant

hash plant medical marijuana

The original hashish strain behind this staple plant comes from Holland. The smell of hash is present when this weed is properly cured.

It’s pretty low in THC which suits most medical marijuana users. The resinous plant hits out with a strong and enduring punch when consumed.

The compact buds are nice and tight. The yield could be better at only 300g/m² so it’s perhaps a smart move to grow Hash Plant along with some other varieties if your grow-op permits.

The high delivered is significant and narcotic. It’s suggested that people with migraines, headaches in general and even arthritis can benefit from Hash Plant.

The plant is versatile enough to grow more or less anywhere.

Treat yourself to the distinctive advantages of a hash experience with minimal hassle. Hash Plant deserves your attention.

THC Level: 12% CBD Level: 3.5%
Indica/Sativa: 80% Indica, 20% Sativa
Grow difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Yield: 300g/m²
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Effect: Enduring and narcotic body high

4) Black Indica

black indica

Despite its name, Black Indica is technically a hybrid strain.

It delivers a nicely relaxed high strong enough to help with some cases of insomnia.

At 80% indica, Black Indica is precisely what the bulk of medical marijuana users are looking for at the dispensary.

Black Indica comes into its own for beginners. It’s simple to grow and easy to use. You’ll run into no serious problems when bringing this weed on from seed. Harvesting 400/gm² of Black Indica is a rewarding experience.

Bred from Afghan and Kush in Spain, it’s no surprise that this blend results in first-rate weed.

If you are looking to kick back after work, reduce your stress levels and perhaps iron out some problems sleeping, give Black Indica a try.

THC Level: 13% CBD Level: 2.5%
Indica/Sativa: 80% Sativa, 20% Indica
Grow difficulty: Easy
Yield: 400/gm²
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Effect: Body Relaxation, Physical High

5) Northern Lights

northern lights

Northern Lights is one of the first strains of weed most smokers encounter. It’s a genuine classic.

This pure indica came to the fore in the 80s.

With THC levels of 16%, make sure you’re sparing with the Northern Lights if you are not an experienced smoker. It’s potent.

You’ll get just under half a kilo per meter squared if you grow indoors under lights. Outside, you can expect an impressive 600/m²

A peppery taste is replaced by a sweetness on the tongue that lingers.

For all forms of relaxation, Northern Lights acts as a lovely accompaniment.

If you are a serious grower, this weed should be part of your garden.

THC Level: 16%
Indica/Sativa: 100% Indica
Grow difficulty: Easy
Yield: 450-600/m²
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Effect: Perfect to relax your body and mind


Each of these strains offers very specific benefits.

See which seems the best fit with what you want from your medical marijuana.

For an all-rounder, CB Dream would be our top choice but the other weeds are also exceptional.

Think carefully about exactly what you prefer.

You are in safe hands with any of these medical marijuana seeds.

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