Best Grow Tent Reviews and Buying Guide

Marijuana has been abundantly used for centuries and is becoming more and more popular all the time.

As the US follows the lead of the Netherlands by selling weed openly in dispensaries, an increasing number of people use marijuana, both medically and recreationally.

How about if you live somewhere with tighter regulations?

Growing marijuana at home is incredibly rewarding. Would you like to enjoy a bountiful supply of your chosen strain without needing to negotiate with dealers?

If so, our grow tent reviews and buying guide could be just what you have been looking for.

There are many growing solutions at your disposal. The best grow tent is inexpensive and will prove invaluable if you want a secure, self-contained micro-environment.

Why Use a Grow Tent?

When you are growing weed indoors you have several crucial elements to consider.

You need to control the amount of light your plants get.

Regulating the temperature is also key.

On top of light and heat, remember that marijuana gives off an extremely strong odor when mature.

With the best grow tent, you can hit all these points head on.

What Is A Grow Tent?

Best grow tent reviews 2017

A rigid, durable frame with a heavy canvas fabric over the top offers the perfect contained space for growing marijuana.

Most leading tents are coated with highly reflective Mylar. This makes highly efficient use of the light and improves yield.

Get yourself some LED lights, the right nutrients and some excellent seeds to start growing right away.

What To Look For In The Best Grow Tent…

If you want to make sure of getting the best grow tent for your money, there are a few key things to focus on…


Grow tents range from a small 2x2 up to 10x10 tents and larger.

  • 2x2: Perfect for mother plants
  • 2x4: Stealth grow that will fit in a closet
  • 3x3: Good for those with limited space
  • 4x4: Works well with 1000W lights
  • 5x5: Common size tent for bumper harvest
  • 10x10: You’ll need a large growing space

Think about how much weed you want to grow and how much space you have to grow it in.

There’s no right or wrong size. Get what works best for you.

Fabric Density

The fabric used for grow tents is fairly dense. The degree of density is calculated in denier (D).

Dense fabric is ideal for keeping any odor and noise confined within the tent. This fabric is also less prone to ripping and tearing. Pests and diseases will be kept at bay.

Valuable light will also be kept securely within the grow tent with a dense material covering it. You’ll enjoy improved harvests with a dense tent.

It’s Got To Be Mylar-Lined

Check that the lining of your grow tent is the reflective Mylar you need.

Diamond patterns are a great way of getting the very most out of your grow lights.

Mylar is unbeatable when it comes to reflectivity.

How Strong Is The Frame?

Steel poles with snapping mechanisms to lock them tight are rugged and built to last.

Height adjustable poles are a great way to make your grow tent more flexible. Slip on some extra tubing and you can make allowances for any extra-tall plants fuss-free.

With some models, these extension poles will be provided. With others, you’ll need to buy them separately.

Watch For The Zippers

Most of the strain on your grow tent is taken by the zippers. They come in for a lot of use as you open and close your tent over the course of the growing season.

Any damage to the zippers and you could end up leaking light and reducing the efficiency of your growing environment.

Ports and Ventilation

Good ventilation is paramount when using a grow tent.

Velcro-secured ventilation flaps, exhaust ports and cord ports all combine to offer your plants the air they need.


Now you have a solid overview of what to look for when buying the best grow tent, we’ll look now at 5 grow tent reviews to make your life even easier.

We have opted for a wide range of sizes running from a small 2x2.5 right through to a bumper 10x10 good for hundreds of plants.

You’re in safe hands whichever one of these five awesome tents you roll with…

5 Best Grow Tent Reviews 2017

Product Name



FabricDensity (Denier)

Extension Poles?



Gorilla LITE LINE2x2.5



Available at extra cost







Not available




Apollo Horticulture 4x4



Not available




Gorilla 5x5



Included free of charge



LA Garden10x10

LA Garden 10x10



Not available



When it comes to grow tents, Gorilla is a real industry heavyweight. It would have been simple to populate this list of the best grow tents with 5 Gorilla products.

For the sake of variety and to cater for all tastes, we have widened the scope and looked at tents from VIVOSUN, Apollo Horticulture and LA Garden but we’ll kick off with this superb 2 x 2.5 from the mighty Gorilla.

The LTGGT22 is a small tent from the LITE LINE. You can get the benefits of Gorilla’s brand heritage without spending out on a main line grow tent.

Although it’s extremely compact, you should get anywhere from 10 to 16 plants if you use a Sea of Green approach and really get the most out of your growing space.

The 210D fabric is lined with Mylar. This is highly reflective and crucial to maximizing your yield.

You want to maintain a secure and controlled growing environment. The handy viewing windows on the LTGGT22 reduce the frequency with which you need to enter and exit the tent. Save wear and tear on your zippers and keep your eye on things from outside.

LITE LINE tents offer much the same growing experience as the signature tents. The main difference is that extension poles are not provided free of charge. If you want to give yourself more room, you’ll need to buy these separately.

For a top-notch small tent that will provide a bountiful harvest, think seriously about the LTGGT22.


  • A brand you can trust
  • Quality of Gorilla main line without the price tag
  • ​Steel frame highly durable
  • 210D fabric is lined with highly reflective Mylar
  • ​Sturdy zippers minimize weak points on tent
  • ​Watch plants through windows to maintain controlled environment
  • Pre-Filters see off pests


  • Feels more lightweight than the main line tents
  • Need to buy extension poles separately

VIVSUN have carved out a reputation for selling first-rate grow tents at a highly competitive price point.

The fabric is more than dense enough at 600D. Lined with reflective Mylar and draped over a stainless steel frame, you can concentrate on your grow without needing to concern yourself with your equipment.

With a 2x4, you can grow perhaps 32 plants if you optimize things perfectly. You can monitor the progress of your plants through a nifty viewing window.

For anyone who wants to get going growing marijuana, look at the VIVOSUN tent and see if it fits your needs.


    • Dense 600D fabric prevents light leakage
    • Reflect 95% of all light with Mylar lining
    • Strong zips for your security
    • Maximum harvest for minimum space requirements
    • Rugged stainless steel frame will last the distance
    • Watch plants through window to minimize intrusions into grow tent
    • Superb value for money


    • Check weak spots at corners to see if any light leaks

Apollo Horticulture make no-nonsense, highly affordable grow tents meaning you can grow your medical marijuana without needing to take out a bank loan.

4x4 tents allow you to grow up to 64 plants under ideal conditions. This translates to an always-overflowing supply of weed.

The tent fabric is dense and the zippers feel solid. Highly reflective Mylar lining further enhances the efficiency of your grow.

The floor tray is removable and also made from Mylar.

Apollo Horticulture package up your equipment discreetly. This is something overlooked by many manufacturers.

You’ll also be covered by their warranty meaning you can buy in complete confidence.


    • Tent is dense to stop leakage of light
    • Can grow 64 plants
    • The Mylar lining is perfect for reflecting light
    • Highly durable zippers
    • Floor tray made from Mylar and removable for your convenience
    • Stealthy package for discreet delivery
    • 90-day warranty
    • Great build quality and value for money


    • Watch out for the stitching

If you have slightly more ambition with your grow and want to bring on perhaps 100 plants, step things up to a 5x5.

Tents this large allow you the luxury of walking around inside unrestricted. You want to keep the growing environment as tight and secure as possible, though. To this end, Gorilla serve up two growing windows so you can keep a beady eye on things without endlessly entering the tent.

Many growers need to be conscious of security. Helicopters with thermal imaging technology can detect your grow. Gorilla helps you fight back with infrared blocking in the roof of the tent.

The fabric of the tent is a remarkable 1680D. Most of the competition fall far below this density.

This 5x5 is a main line Gorilla tent so you will enjoy a 12-foot extension kit included. If you need to beef things up, just slot in the provided poles and you can raise the roof on your grow.

For anyone who wants to grow marijuana at home fuss-free, this Gorilla 5x5 is well worth popping on your shortlist.


      • Mylar-lined 1680D fabric perfect for growing
      • Two viewing windows mean you can keep tent secure
      • Prevent detection with infrared blocking on roof of tent
      • Durable zips minimize weak spots
      • Extend height with free poles for larger grows
      • Accessory pouch so you can keep everything close by


      • Bulky to erect. A 2-man job
      • Watch for packaging. Gorilla tend not to use discreet labeling

If you fancy harvesting 300 or more of the best plants, think about getting yourself a 10x10 grow tent and making that a reality.

This offering from the reputable LA Garden is very reasonably priced with no compromise on quality.

LA Garden use Oxford cloth lined with a diamond-patterned Mylar. This equates to a tight and secure growing environment.

So many plants mean lots of heavy equipment. The heavy-duty straps on the tent will support the weight of your lights and fans without any strain.

Keep an eye on proceedings through the viewing windows rather than endlessly entering the tent and letting light seep in and out.

Screened vents keep pests out while maintaining a controlled growing space perfect for large crops.


        • Very affordable for a large tent
        • Dense 600D Oxford fabric over aluminum frame built to last
        • Mylar is waterproof and highly reflective
        • Screen keeps mosquito fly from ruining your crop
        • Vents allow for ideal climate control
        • Straps for hanging equipment extremely solid
        • Viewing windows so you minimize entering and exiting the tent


        • Extremely bulky tent so make sure you have enough space


We hope you’ve enjoyed these grow tent reviews and that you can sort yourself out with the best grow tent for your specific growing needs.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you have any queries or feedback on any aspect of growing. We are always more than happy to help.

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