Best Bud Trimmer Machines Reviews and Buying Guide

The marijuana industry is rapidly evolving…

The Netherlands is a wonderful case study in changing laws. Still technically illegal, low-level possession was decriminalized in 1976. This gave rise to the coffee shops Amsterdam is so famous for.

Now that the US has followed suit and dispensaries everywhere retail medical marijuana quite openly, the rest of the world is likely to follow.

One of the best things about a new loosening of laws is the ability to grow your own weed. Cultivating marijuana is enjoyable but at harvest time it’s hard work.

Today, we’ll look at some bud trimmer machines reviews so that you can see the selection available to suit all sizes of crop from a small home grow through to much larger commercial operations.

First thing’s first, though…

What is the point of trimming your marijuana plants in the first place?

trimmer weed

Why Do You Need To Trim Weed?

When harvest time rolls around, do you really need to trim your buds before you set them aside to dry and cure?

In a word, yes.

There are 3 main reasons for trimming:

  • Concentration of THC: If you notice the sugar leaves on your plants, these will have lower THC levels than bud even if they look promising. For maximum THC gram-on-gram, trimmed buds rule the roost
  • Harshness Factor: Leaves are harsher than buds when you smoke them. For a smoother and less grating experience, trimming delivers
  • For The Sake of Appearance: Simple aesthetics mean that trimmed buds look much neater


Whether it’s for the sake of appearance, a more palatable smoke in your vaporizer or to really max out the THC available, don’t sidestep the trimming stage. A little effort goes a long way.

Trimming: Wet or Dry?

There are 2 main approaches to trimming down your buds.

The only difference is whether you start trimming before or after your weed has dried.

Wet Trim

A wet trim is easier and will generally result in a superior finished look to the buds.

This is by far the most popular method and will yield the neatest and most manicured buds.

Dry Trim

If you want to deal with your trimming duties once your crop has dried fully, it pays to first remove the bigger fan leaves with your fingers.

By leaving the buds untrimmed, the drying process will be slowed down. This is great if you live somewhere without too much humidity and you are looking for a long, slow drying process after harvesting.

What Equipment Do You Need For Trimming Buds?

  • Gloves
  • Pruning scissors
  • Pruning shears
  • Cookie sheets

Throw in the best bud trimming machine and you’re all set.

Time to whip your crop into tip-top shape and wait for it to be cured and ready to blaze.

wet and dry

Some Handy Pointers For Trimming Weed By Hand

While we will look today at the best bud trimming machines, many old-school growers still like to do things by hand.

Here’s a quick glance at manual trimming the easy way…

  • Cut Plants Into Smaller Sections: Trim off the side stems from the main stalks. Take the colas off the stalks. Hang dry or use a mesh rack. Drying on the stem is best with the very fragile marijuana bud. You’ll also be able to hold the stem rather than coating your hand with sticky trichomes
  • Stems: When the stems are easy to snap in half, it’s time to move from drying to curing
  • Getting Rid of Leaves: Cut away the larger fan leaves. Remove as many leaves as you can and set aside. You can use the trichome-rich pieces to make hash or edibles
  • Finer Trimming: Trim all the smaller, finer leaves next. Be careful to leave the short hairs on your bud. These are packed with both THC and CBD
  • Clean The Scissors: As you work, keep the scissors clean and collect the pure trichome
  • Dispose of The Plant: Cut all the remainder of the plant down into small chunks. Double-bag it and dispose of it stealthily


Trimming your buds by hand is all well and good if you have just one or two plants.

How about bigger crops, though? If you grow on a large scale, whether commercially or for your own consumption, trimming massive volumes of plants is simply not practical.

For that, the best bud trimmer machines come fully to the fore.

We’ll look now at 5 of the best products on the market for cutting your buds down to size the easy way…

5 Best Bud Trimmer Machines Reviews

Top 5Bud Trimming Machines



or Style


Our Rating

iPower GLTRIMBOWL16M 16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer

iPower GLTRIMBOWL16M 16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer Twisted Spin Cut for Plant Bud and Flower, with UPGRADED Gears

Bowl Trimmer



Editor Choice

Growtent Garden 19-inch Bowl Leaf Trimmer

Growtent Garden 19-inch Bowl Leaf Trimmer Hydroponic Spin Cut Plant Bud Flower Hash

Bowl Trimmer




Tumble Trimmer TTT 1900

Tumble Trimmer TTT 1900

Bladeless Dry Trimmer




The Triminator Dry Trimming Machine

The Triminator DRY - Trimming Machine

Dry Trimming Machine: Commercial




The Triminator – Industrial Bud Trimming Machine

The Triminator - Industrial Trimmer System

Wet Trimming Machine: Industrial

Freestanding Unit



First up in our bud trimming machines reviews is a superb 16-inch bowl trimmer

iPower are famous for manufacturing grow light systems. They also offer a full range of accessories for the discerning grower.

You can keep an eye on things through the transparent top and trim twigs, leaves and buds with ease. The blades are sharp enough to cut with precision but they will not wreak havoc on your plants.

The handle comes off for simple storage and you can pop the grille out for cleaning. This is a nice, user-friendly unit.

If you want the power of 30 pairs of scissors in one compact unit, this outstanding bowl trimmer could be just the answer.

Another bowl trimmer next, this time with a larger 19-inch diameter from Growtent Garden.

The cutting blade is adjustable for your convenience. You’ll get a razor blade as well as serrated and wire blades and scissors thrown in.

You can see through the plastic cover to work with precision and efficiency without needing to keep opening the trimmer.

The gear box is metal and built to last even if you use it for prolonged periods.

If you’re tired of trimming your buds by hand and fancy an affordable solution, check out this 19-inch bud trimmer. You won’t be disappointed.

For growers with more substantial harvests to manicure, the Tumble Trimmer is a heavyweight tabletop unit that punches above its weight.

To give you an idea of the output, you can easily trim a pound of weed in 5 minutes. That’s pretty impressive stuff.

The manufacturer estimates that this trimmer will take care of about 85% of your work for you. All that remains is a few touch-ups with your scissors and your buds will look fantastic.

Weighing in at 22 pounds, you can control of the speed of the motor. Everything you need is included from the drums and zippers through to the nets. The only thing you’ll need to buy separately is a catch box.

If you want to cut a large crop down to size in double-quick time, the Tumble Trimmer TTT 1900 is one of the very best bud trimmer machines you can get your hands on. Hurry while stocks last!

As we near the end of our trimming machines reviews, we will look at 2 much more expensive products from the industry legends Flora Hydroponics.

This dry trimming machine is certainly not cheap but you get an incredible piece of kit that makes harvest time heaven rather than hell.

Commercial growers need trimmers that can run for lengthy periods without needing to be cleaned constantly. With this dry trimming machine, you can hack down pound upon pound of weed without any drop in performance.

The trim bin detaches easily so cleaning is no problem.

You can move the trimmer around on wheels. These retract to give you maximum stability when you are working.

An automatic timer means there’s no need to hang around monitoring things constantly.

If you have large volumes of marijuana that needs trimming, investing in The Triminator could be the smartest move you make.

Rounding out our look at the best bud trimming machines is this industrial-grade beast, another version of The Triminator from Flora Hydroponics.

This machine is extremely expensive. It’s not for the casual grower but for large-scale commercial operations.

The beauty with this model is that you can process several hundred pounds of weed over the course of a day. If this is the kind of quantities you are dealing with, the costs of this bud trimmer translate to great value for money. You just couldn’t get through that sort of job by hand.

The Monster Drum is the biggest in the game. The Resin Repel self cleaning system means your trimmer won’t get gacked up or slow you down.

The eye-watering cost is the only reason this trimmer sits at the bottom of our list not the top. In all other respects, it’s pretty much the best bud trimming machine you can buy.


We hope you have enjoyed these bud trimmer machines reviews.

There’s a strong case for trimming by hand or using a machine, it really depends on your needs and the size of the crop.

If manual trimming is too much effort, the best bud trimmer machines take all the sting out of what can be a tiring and tedious task.

As always, get in touch any time if you have any questions or feedback. We love to hear from our readers and always respond promptly.

Happy trimming!

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