7 Tips to get rid of Cockroaches

Man makes an effort to kill roaches wherever they are found in and around the house. They are one of the most hated pests found around us. The reason for this could be associated with the belief that they transmit diseases. Another reason for man’s hostility towards cockroaches could be the perception that they live in dirty environment which might not be true most times.

Roaches multiply so fast within the house making them very difficult to get rid of. In this article you will learn how to get rid of roaches in and around your home with 7 effective tips.

1. Baking Soda and Sugar

As simple as this may seem, it works in quick fashion drastically reducing cockroach population. However, for it to work effectively you need to first locate the location where the roaches are hiding before placing your mixture there.

Below are tips on how it’s done:

Mix baking soda with sugar in equal parts, and then sprinkle in cockroach infested areas. Repeat this process a couple of times to achieve the desired results. Baking soda causes death when mixed with stomach acid of the cockroach. While the baking soda does the deadly work, sugar acts as magnets that attract roaches to your mixture.

2. Lemon Juice or Lemon Peel

When many describe a neat home, they often associate it with the sweet fresh scent of lemon. No wonder, lemon is one of the popular things used in the production of household cleaners. The lemon juice is another beauty. It is so strong that it can penetrate both stains and grease. Do you know that it can also dust roaches off?

Lemon contains anti-pathogenic properties which can also be found in other foods in the citrus family. This is the essential thing that helps in getting rid of cockroaches. With lemon, there are series of things you can do to get rid of cockroaches in your home. How will you do this?

  • You should add lemon juice (you can buy 100% lemon juice). Spray this juice in the corners in your home, in those spot cockroaches often stay.
  • Lemon peels should be grounded, and the grounded peels should be placed where cockroaches are present in your home.

3. Boric Acid

You can easily get boric acid in a nearby store or online and it’s known as one of the most effective and widely used cockroach killer. However, you need to be wary of this acid as it’s highly toxic so must be kept away from children and pets. It’s important to note that it should be used sparingly as it has the potential to cause illness with long-term exposure. Immediately roaches come in contact with boric acid, they die.

Below are a few points to note when using boric acid:

  • You only need to apply it lightly as too much of it could be ineffective.
  • Boric acid losses it’s efficacy when wet.

4. Bay Leaves

Assuming you’re among the few who doesn’t like to kill roaches. Well, there are other ways to keep them away from your home without resulting into killing. Try out Bay leaves. They naturally serve as roach repellent due to the smell.

This is good for humans because Bay leaves aren’t poisonous to humans, so they could be placed anywhere within the home to keep out roaches.

You will need a   mortar and pestle, as well as some bay leaves. In the absence of a mortar and pestle, a bowl and any material to crush dry leaves will be necessary. Crush the leaves till powdery form into a bowl and scatter in roach infested areas. Also, you could try out sliced or peeled cucumber as cockroach repellent.

5. Fabric Softener Spray

Yes Fabric Softener Spray! In case you are not aware before, now you know. You can kill roaches with this by spraying them on sight.

This can be done in simple steps below:

Mix 3/4 fabric softener with water, about half a cup. Stir together in a spray bottle. After this is done, all you need is to simply shake this bottle and spray on any cockroach you see around.

Once the spray touches their thick skin, it suffocates and kills them. This is particularly effective in times of massive roach infestation.

6. Diatomaceous Earth

Visit both local and online store; you’ll find Diatomaceous Earth (DE) there, another effective natural substance for roaches. But before selecting one, you need to be sure that it is food grade and it’s safe for both human and animal consumption, especially if you have pets at home.

As a fossilized remnant of aquatic life, DE can deal with both insect and pests troubling your home. The working process of DE involves causing permanent damage to the digestive system of the roach due to its sharp little crystal form.

This can harm even pets and destroy their exoskeleton. DE will make the cockroach lose liquids and eventually die. You must strategically place them around your home, and make sure that roaches will easily find and feed on them.

7. Coffee Traps

Cockroaches like coffee, but do you know that the coffee peels can be used to get rid of roaches in your home? This is one perfect bait you can use for roaches that are roaming around in your home.

For luring and catching them easily, you will need;

  • Ground coffee
  • Empty Jars

Place a jar, and fill the jar with grounded coffee. After filling, add water to the jar to ensure that roaches that enter dies and are trapped inside. Do you know that cockroaches are so powerful that they can breathe even when trapped inside water for 40 minutes? Do you also know that when are completely buried inside water, they can still live and be active for around 30 minutes?

What can you do to prevent them from crawling out of the jar? One good trick is to apply petroleum jelly to the inside of the jar. This will make it difficult for the roaches to find their way out of the jar.

It is best to place this jar in locations where you frequently find cockroaches. And remember, you need to regularly dump the roaches out at the start of each day. You must continue with this same routine for weeks, then when you notice that they are no longer in your home, you can then stop.

Always search your home to ensure that there are no cockroach eggs there. When you have just one in your home, you are still going to pass through that same stress if you don’t get rid of it quickly. Bad enough one cockroach of some species can lay as much as 50 eggs at a time.

To assist in your quest of totally getting rid of cockroaches from your home, you should carry out proper sanitization, and ensure that no opening is left for them to gain entrance into your home. Make sure they don’t have food and water to feed on in your home; don’t create a suitable environment for them.

If after trying your best to address this issue, it keeps reoccurring, you can try pesticides or other management solutions; this will bring a lasting solution to the problem.

Don’t give up. Roaches won’t give up too. So be prepared at all times to deal with them. You should explore the natural remedies for dealing with cockroaches as they are safer and less expensive. But when you stop exploring them, you open the way for roaches to attack your home again.

That you are not seeing one in your home for weeks is not a sign that you are free, as long as their egg is in the house, it can hatch at any time. In such cases, you can make use of an insect growth regulator, or prepare the home remedies for them till they strike again. This is the best way to protect your home and properties.


You can efficiently get rid of cockroaches in your home. But the success of all procedure depends on your planning. When your home is free from cockroaches, it will benefit both your health and your properties. This will lead to a reduction in bacteria, parasites, and pathogens in and around your home.

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