5 Great Auto-flowering Seed Reviews 2016: Part 1

If you want a healthy crop of marijuana without worrying about light cycles or removing male plants, auto-flowering strains are certainly worth investigating.

Autos really are very beginner-friendly. They are also perfectly suited to any grower needing to operate stealthily. Autos are usually very small.

So… in about 10 weeks from now you could be harvesting!

What, then, are some of the best auto-flowering seeds on the market today?

We will look here at five great choices, mainly Sativas.

1) OG Kush Auto-flower (feminized)

og kush auto

OG Kush needs precious little introduction.

Championed by hip-hop artists and very widely distributed both in the US and worldwide, OG Kush is among the most well-known strands and has been around since the 90s.

How about the auto version then?

Many different autos were tested together with an OG Kush mother from Lake Tahoe. Northern Lights came out on top. The NL Auto x OG Kush is a sublime combination. It should be noted that both NL and OG Kush share roots of ancestry.

OG Kush auto offers impressive yields. The buds are magnificent with glorious trichomes.

The structure of the buds themselves is not dissimilar to that of original OG Kush.

The high is balanced. The flavor is fruity and smooth. You can detect subtle hints of diesel and lime. This diesel hints at the Chemdawg origins of OG Kush.

You’ll experience an energetic head-trip along with a body stone that lasts and lasts.

The short stature of the plant means it’s ideal for stealth growers or those limited for space.

THC Level: 15-18%
Indica/Sativa: 75% Sativa
Grow difficulty: Easy
Yield: 250-350g/m²
Flowering time: 7-9 weeks
Effect: Head trip, energetic

2) White LSD Auto-flower 

white lsd auto

White LSD in its auto form delivers what the name suggests: a truly psychedelic high.

The THC levels can peak above 20% and average a potent 18%.

As well as a buzzing head, you will also benefit from a beautiful sense of relaxation coursing throughout the body.

Some users report an increase in creative output and most claim a happy feeling induced from consuming White LSD.

It can be relatively tough to grow so might be best avoided for total beginners. If you are confident with growing then the incredibly rapid two-month flowering time means you won’t have long to wait!

The yield is potentially substantial. White LSD is also pretty big for an auto coming in at anywhere between 60cm and 120cm in height.

The original White LSD was crossed with a strain of White Widow. This heritage means that the buds are highly resinous.

White LSD has an earthy taste with undercurrents of spice cutting through it.

This sativa dominant auto will not disappoint.

THC Level: 18%
Indica/Sativa: Mainly Sativa
Grow difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Yield: 300-400g/m²
Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
Effect: Relaxing, heady

3) Train Wreck Auto-flower

train wreck

With Train Wreck’s auto-flowering variant, you can produce up to a quarter-kilo in just two months.

This strain comes from Spain originally. The genetics can be traced to the standard Ruderalis along with Cali Train Wreck from the West Coast of the US.

Buds are highly resinous. The smell kicked out by Train Wreck is particularly aromatic with citrus and pepper overload. The flavor is equally fruity.

Unsurprisingly, this strain hits you like the proverbial train. Happiness, creativity and euphoria are induced in a mind-bending package. The effects come on hard and fast.

Train Wreck has medicinal properties which is not true of all autos. Depression, stress, anxiety and pain can be treated with this plant.

With Train Wreck you’ll experience a very straightforward grow and it’s great to use socially or during the day. Feel your aches and pains melt away while still remaining functional.

THC Level: 17%
Indica/Sativa: 60% Sativa
Grow difficulty: Easy
Yield: 250g/m²
Flowering time: 8 weeks

4) Amnesia Haze Auto-flower

amnesia hazeThe original Amnesia Haze has bagged both a Cannabis Cup and a Sativa Cup. This background is no surprise as it’s a truly special strain.

The dominance of sativa lends to a high which is uplifting in the extreme. Most users say that they feel cheerful and euphoric, uplifted and filled with energy. This is in line with a plant which is mostly sativa rather than the heaviness of an Indica.

The flavor is earthy with notes of lemon and citrus.

Amnesia Haze is a very easy smoke and does not tend to provoke coughing. The aftertaste is very slightly sweet.

It can be used for medical purposes helping out with the usual stress-related issues or depression and also as an appetite booster.

If you are looking for a hard-hitting psychedelic effect without the lengthy growing period then you should strongly consider Amnesia Haze Auto-flower.

THC Level: 15.5%
Indica/Sativa: 60% Sativa
Grow difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Yield: 250g/m²
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

5) Early Miss Auto-flower

early miss autoflower

To round out, Early Miss Auto-flower is a predominantly Indica strain. Given its name, you get the swift turnaround expected with flowering in an almost unbelievable 7 weeks. That’s just 50 days from seed to harvest!

The versatility of this plant means that it can even be grown outdoors at any time of year.

Under LED lights indoors, though, the results are exceptional.

A massive 20% THC brings an extremely powerful and lasting, relaxed high. It is highly effective as a pain reliever.

Early Miss Auto-flower was bred from White Widow and Big Bud, a great ancestry.

If you enjoy your Indica, try this beneficiary of Spanish genetics. Particularly suited to total beginners, Early Miss Auto-flower will assuredly deliver.

THC Level: 20%
Indica/Sativa: 60% Indica
Grow difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Yield: 200-250g/m²
Flowering time: 7 weeks


There is no winner from these 5 auto-flower seeds because everyone has different tastes. They are simply all extraordinarily good strains.

Give auto-flowering seeds a try along with your LED light grow and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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