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Best Medical Marijuana Seeds: Part 1

Medical Marijuana The market for medical marijuana is constantly growing. One surprising offshoot of the medical marijuana culture developing in the US with pharmacies for bud is a strong attack against the Mexican drug cartels. No longer is America being flooded with …
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Best Vape Pen For Weed Reviews 2018

It might seem strange to start a study on the best vape pen for weed by warning you that this device might not be what you’re looking for. But… That’s the case. It’s true. Everyone has different needs when considering vaporizers so, before …
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Best Marijuana Seed Reviews 2016: Part 1

If you are growing marijuana with your LED lights then you clearly want the best strains for your crop. When you are growing your bud, if you don’t have the right seed you’ll face complications. It’s senseless to just buy indiscriminately and …