Five Mobile Apps that will Improve your Growing Efforts

Mobile Technology is quickly becoming the cannabis grower’s best friend. Growing cannabis can be a complicated process, especially if you’re trying to achieve that “perfect strain.” There’s a lot of information to remember and with the accessibility of mobile apps, it become infinitely easier to remember it all!

Therefore, today we’ll be going over the most prominent mobile apps that will help you improve your growing effects. Some of the apps listed here aren’t specifically targeted to growers, but they do provide additional insight to help you achieve your cultivation goals.

So without any further delay, let’s jump into the list!

CPR – Cannabis Strain Guide

 CPR – Cannabis Strain Guide - Growing Canabis Mobile App1

Available both on iOS and Android, this app provides you with a robust database of strain related information. While the main focus of the app is to provide you with insight on particular strains, listing information such as phenotypes, tastes, smells and the ratio of Sativa vs Indica dominance; it also includes a very in-depth hydroponic cannabis grow guide, high-grade nutrient charts, pest eradication tips and much more.

Even if you are an expert in the field of growing cannabis, having this database sitting in your pocket will definitely help you stay on top of anything that could potentially go wrong with your grow.


WeedFarmer - Growing Canabis Mobile App2

Similarly, this app works both on iOS and Android platforms and boasts more than 30,000 active users. While this is more of a “game” it does provide some valuable insight for novice growers mainly because you’re able to chat with other ‘players’ – some of them who are actual growers.

So think of this one as more of a “social network” where you get to virtually grow weed in different conditions. It’s not the best resource for sure, however it does provide you with some insight in the process of growing weed.

For newbie growers, it will give you a general overview on what you’ll need to prepare for when you finally decide to take your growing efforts from the screen to real life! 

Grow Buddy

Grow Buddy - Growing Cannabis App3

This is the MOTHER of all grower apps. GrowBuddy is one of those apps that will keep track of the entire process of growing, detailed notes on each phase of the cultivation process, set up tasks, and schedule all your activities from seed to harvest.

They do have two versions – Free and Paid.

The Free version comes with some limitations but still is quite robust in performance and the paid version only costs $2.99 on either iOS or Android.

Think of Grow Buddy as your personal weed growing assistant that will keep absolutely everything of your grow organized and running smoothly. Never miss a thing with Grow Buddy in your corner.

If there is one app that you’ll be downloading from this list – THIS IS IT!


SIMLEAF - Growing Canabis App4

This is the Tamagotchi of growing weed. While this is a simulator, it’s actually quite complex. It gives you a wide range of options to choose from such as Grow lights, nutrients, PH levels and much more. You have to essentially cultivate (digitally) but you’re constrained to potential ‘real world problems’ that you might experience when growing your own plants.

For those who have never grown weed in their life, this is probably the best app to show you the work and effort that goes into growing cannabis.

I wish I had access to this when I first started to grow at home, it would have saved several crops that died due to my own ignorance of the process.

While the app is free, there are some paid upgrades to make the experience even more immersive. It’s highly recommended for newbies to download this app!


Growtronix - Growing Canabis App 5.gif

This app can only be obtained by contacting the developer directly. It’s not listed on iOS nor Android however there is a reason for this.

It’s not a personal assistant, it’s not a game. So what is it?

It’s an app that will fully automate your grow room. Yes, you heard correctly – FULL AUTOMATION. And it’s not cheap either with a starting price of $489.99!

But what do you get with this price tag?

The app not only includes the network interface, but the company will also send you controllers, temperature and humidity sensors and the software suite which works on desktops and smartphones.

This is for the serious grower who wants to keep tight control over the entire process through full automation. You can essentially set up the software and let “machines” do all the heavy lifting. Never forget to water, check humidity levels, supply nutrients or switch light cycles again…let GrowTronix do it for you.


We have included these diverse range of apps for both the novice and the experienced grower in order to help you achieve the ideal crop-out you deserve. If it’s information you’re after or full on automation, we hope this list helped you on your way.

And on that note…Happy Growing!


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