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Best Medical Marijuana Seeds: Part 2

In our most recent review of seeds, we looked at the best medical marijuana strains. Last time we focused on sativas. Today we will move on to examine 5 indica varieties worthy of a place in any garden. What Is Medical Marijuana Good …
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Best Medical Marijuana Seeds: Part 1

Medical Marijuana The market for medical marijuana is constantly growing. One surprising offshoot of the medical marijuana culture developing in the US with pharmacies for bud is a strong attack against the Mexican drug cartels. No longer is America being flooded with …
Best Grow Tent Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Grow Tent Reviews and Buying Guide

Marijuana has been abundantly used for centuries and is becoming more and more popular all the time.As the US follows the lead of the Netherlands by selling weed openly in dispensaries, an increasing number of people use marijuana, both medically and recreationally.How …