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Imagine being able to have fresh vegetables for your table in the dead of winter. Growing plants indoors is something that can now be done year-round, regardless of what the weather is doing outside. All it takes is a few simple tips and the best LED grow lights for cannabis and you can have this kind of luxury all the time!

If you are looking for the RIGHT HYDROPONIC LIGHT BULB for your planting efforts then we’ve got the LED grow light reviews you need to read. We’ve looked at five of the best selling hydroponic plant bulbs on Amazon and have outlined which bulb works best, when and for what applications.

Growing hydroponic plants is no easy matter. In fact, the best experts in the field can even make careers out of it! Of course, not everyone wants to make their career out of hydroponic agriculture, and even those who do might not know where to get started. When it comes to growing plants in a hydroponic setting, making sure you have the appropriate equipment is essential.

That’s why we put this review together. For the record, all of the bulbs listed below are WORTH PURCHASING, but some bulbs are better for different situations, and different budgets.
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As well as providing you with the best LED grow lights to use, we will also look at different types of marijuana seeds and various accessories to make consuming medical marijuana less harmful.

Whether it’s LED lights, top-tier seeds or the best vaporizers that you want, you’ve come to the right place. Some people prefer vape pens while other like portable vaporizers or full-blooded desktop versions like the legendary Volcano. Whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered.

Now, let’s look at 5 of the better LED grow lights available so you can make the right choice.

TOP 7 Best Led Grow Light Reviews – Comparison Chart By Ledgrowlightsguides.com

Coverage areaLifespan
TaoTronics LEDE27 12W
TaoTronics Led 12W

2 square feet
50,000 hours
Apollo Horticulture Full Spectrum
Apollo Horticulture Full Spectrum12W5 square feet50,000 hours
ViparSpectra Reflector Series

ViparSpectra Reflector Series300W

2 square feet
100,000 hours

G8LED 240W
G8LED 240W240W
6 square feet50,000 hours
Advanced Platinum Series P300
Advanced Platinum Series P300 300W4.5 x 3.8 feet100,000 hours
Advanced Platinum Series P450
Advanced Platinum Series P450 450W4.5 x 4 feet100,000 hours
Advanced Platinum Series P600
Advanced Platinum Series P600 600W6 x 3.75 feet100,000 hours
Advanced Platinum Series P900
Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W6 x 4 feet100,000 hours
Advanced Platinum Series P1200
Advanced Platinum Series P1200 1200W6 x 5.5 feet100,000 hours

Big Bang for a Few Bucks?

The TaoTronics Led (E27 12w 3 Bands)

This growing bulb is the best selling and one of the best reviewed grow light bulbs on all of Amazon.com, which is the United States’ largest online retailer. In other words, you know it’s got to be good.

This TaoTronics wonder is more than affordable. You will, however, need a lamp to power this bulb, but can use just about anything, including a conventional desk lamp.

The TaoTronics lightbulb is highly efficient, emitting the exact wavelengths absorbed by plants. It also consumes little energy. The bulb is rather small, however, and is not designed for large growing operations. It is a perfect hobbyist bulb, however, for people looking to start out small.

If you’re planning on a rather small, simple hydroponic set up, the TaoTronics bulb deserves a close look.


For the Stars?

 The Apollo Horticulture Full Spectrum 180W LED

The Apollo Horticulture Full Spectrum 180W LED growing bulb is a bit of a step up from the TaoTronics bulb, both in terms of price and ability. The Apollo offers a good mix of affordability and features. The light bulb is full spectrum, meaning you’ll get the full wavelength of light, which can be beneficial for many plants.

Putting out 180 watts, this bulb also produces a considerable amount of light without being overpowering. There are also different wattage variations of the Apollo bulb, ranging from 75 watts up to 1200 watts. With the reviewed 180 watt version, you’ll be able to provide light for up to 5 square feet for vegetables, which is pretty generous given the low price. For flowering plants, the maximum range is a bit less at 4 feet, but this is still quite respectable.

Despite their many features, such as 6 band spectrums, these bulbs have earned a reputation for being easy to use and simple to install. They can also work in high humid and high heat environments, but are designed only for indoor use. They offer a good mix of power and affordability, making them great for smaller but more serious operations. They are covered by a two year warranty.


The Most Power For Your Dollar

ViparSpectra Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

300 watts of power at a more than reasonable price? For hydroponic hobbyists on a budget, this might sound like it’s too good to be true, but with the ViparSpectra Reflector-Series 300W such power for so little money can actually be had. So if you have got light needy plants, this bulb is a great choice.

Compared to some of the more expensive bulbs reviewed at the tail end of this article, the ViparSpectra Reflector-Series 300W hydroponic bulb doesn’t provide as deep of a vegetation penetration, meaning it won’t handle dense plant life as well. This hydroponic bulb also only covers an area of about 2 feet by 2 feet, which is less than many more expensive bulbs offering similar wattage.

On the other hand, dollar for dollar it’s hard to beat, and a three year warranty provides peace of mind. If you’re just getting started in hydroponics, this is a great first bulb. If you’re looking to set up a bigger growing area, however, or are going to be working with dense plants, the following options may be better for you.


The All Rounder

G8LED 240 Watt LED Grow Light with Optimal 8-Band plus Infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV-B)

Based on the rather lengthy name alone, you probably know you’re getting into the “big leagues” with this light bulb. The company behind the G8LED 240 Watt LED is one of the most respected and reputable brands in the hydroponic industry and they have won numerous awards over the years.

This isn’t a hobbyist bulb, unless you take your hobbies seriously. This bulb will cover a minimum of 6 square feet and features plant canopy penetration of up to 60 inches. In other words, you can provide light to a large area of densely foliage. This hydroponic bulb produces both infrared and ultraviolet light.

This bulb is equipped to handle a wide range of plants, including flowers and vegetables. We’ll be honest, this isn’t a “budget” light bulb, though it’s certainly a good deal. Further, given that it’s designed for larger growing areas, we don’t recommend this bulb for beginners unless you are very committed. If you’re looking for an affordable “pro” grade hydroponic bulb, however, this one is a great choice.


Get Platinum Results

With The Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 12-band LED Grow Light

If you’re looking for the best of the best, and are willing to spend a bit more, then the Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 12-band LED Grow Light is a great choice for you or any hydroponic enthusiast. This bulb may cost a bit more than others, but you will be getting your money’s worth!

These hydroponic bulbs have perhaps the most optimal blend of the light spectrum and feature 12 different bands. From the deepest depths of ultraviolet to the highest heights of infrared, you’ll be able to get it all. As a result, up to 100 percent of the light emitted can be usable, and you can fine-tune the bulbs to your plants needs. Their max coverage space is 4.5′ x 3.8′, giving you plenty of room to grow.

Meanwhile, integrated 90 degree secondary focusing lenses allow for exceptionally deep penetration. This bulbs are a great choice if you’ll be growing plants that create a dense canopy and need maximum light penetration. With “VEG” and “BLOOM” selections, these hydroponic bulbs can handle just about any type of plant. These features also make your bulb more flexible, so you will be able to grow different plants (at different times) all with one light bulb!

Further, these  PlatinumLED bulbs are known for their cool running operation. The bulbs last for up to 100,000 hours, and are covered by a complete five year warranty, which is one of the best in the hydroponic business. Oh, and with a 90 day money back guarantee you can even take them for a test run! When a company backs a product like this, it’s because they are confident that they are producing some of the best and most reliable products in the industry.


Advanced Platinum Series P450 450w

If you’re looking for a medium LED set-up that packs a serious punch, we’ll walk you through three great options from the Advanced Platinum Series.

Sometimes, you just need more wattage. Each of the following models delivers that in fine style.

First up is the P450.

Adaptability is key with medium-sized grow lights. The P450 set-up comes with a wide spectrum. The design of the lamp is efficient and it has switches for flowering mode. This is a great way to flick from vegetative phase to flowering without any fuss. Many manufacturers overlook this handy feature.

IR and UV radiation in small enough quantities helps to accelerate plant development. This model from Advanced Platinum provides those wavelengths along with nine additional spectrum bands. This LED will work well for both mature plants and seedlings.

The cooling fans are extremely quiet and efficient.

Each of the 150 little lights give off 3 watts rounding out at 450 watts in total. There are two main lenses offering refraction and deviation.

You can expect a full 50,000 hours of usage from this equipment.

Aside from a slight lack of fixtures and fittings, the P450 is a smart choice if you want to step things up a gear. This remarkably heat-efficient unit will cater to all your indoor growing needs.


Advanced Platinum Series P600

The next model in the Advanced Platinum Series is the P600.

This light has a superb build quality and feel to it. It’s not cheap but you get what you pay for in life.

From deep IV right through to high IR, the 12-band output is full spectral. You’ll enjoy a capable and complete source of light while your plants will thrive.

Although the light is extremely intense – more than double the intensity of many competitors – the subdued fans keep things nice and cool.

5’x2” is a good estimate of the core coverage range.

There is a nifty veg/flower switch on this model just like on its smaller counterpart.

This model can replace a standard 800w HPS light but it is far more energy-efficient. It will eat through less than 350 watts of power.

From seedling right through to flower and harvest, the P600 is completely flexible.

The benchmark of a high quality LED light is spectral output and PAR. The P600 acquits itself admirably on both counts.

There is an outstanding 5-year warranty for total peace of mind.

If you are deliberating about whether or not to invest in the P600, ask yourself one simple question: which is more important, your spending or your results? If you have the cash to spare, the P600 will not disappoint.